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In early 2003, I went into our family room where the TV was on just in time to see tall, thin Clayton Aiken walk out in front of judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson at the American Idol 2 audition in Atlanta.  I sat down to watch, fearing for what I and the judges were about to hear, and for what Simon Cowell was going to say to that nice kid!
To my happy surprise, Clay's amazing voice blew away the nasty words that Simon was -I am certain- already forming in his mind.  That is when I became hooked on the talented and gentlemanly Clay Aiken - the kid with the [then] elfin face,  dramatic expressions and glorious voice!

I have never been one to be "starstruck".  I have never been any more than a casual fan of any celebrity in my entire life.  Clay Aiken struck a chord within me that has been playing continuously since, and his performance of 'Solitaire'set that chord to perpetual replay!  I was captivated as never before by his angelic yet michevious face, his incredible voice, and his passionate delivery. 

As I learned more about the kind of person that Clay Aiken is, my fascination with this enigmatic young man continued to grow, and the idea for this website was born. 

The age span of those whose hearts Clay Aiken touches is unlimited! Since I first published this website four years  ago, I have heard from girls as young as 14 and people (men as well as women) as old as 85 who all say that he brings happiness into their lives of a kind that they have never experienced before. Some people say he has inspired them to attend church again (or at least to explore their religion) after many years.  Many people say that he inspires them to "become a better person".  Most agree that his "shining spirit"  helps them feel more loving and to behave more kindly toward others.   This is the phenomenon of Clay Aiken that I attempt to capture on this site.   My hope is that it is not just a "fan site" but a true tribute to Clay Aiken...  not just to his celebrity and his "geek hipster/ angelic/ michevious" appeal,  but I really hope to somehow bring attention to his indefinable charisma and caring that inspires many to "change for the better", and to the incredible influence he has on the lives of so many people. 

I will never be a "crazy fan".  I will not wait for him to arrive at a scheduled appearance and run to catch up with his entourage.   I will not scream while he sings, but I will listen to him sing and feel the joy he brings. I probably will not swoon. 
What I will do is pray that Clay is finding happiness in his personal life and relationships to equal the happiness that he brings to others, and  I will support the causes that are dear to his heart. 

I will continue to build on this tribute to him as long as there is public information about his endeavors, and I will be happy to have him as a part of my life in this small way.

Note to Clay:
I know you don't understand what your appeal to so many is, and on how many different levels you touch people, but that is okay.  You don't need to understand it.  All you need to do is to keep on being the same person you have always been, doing the things you do so well, caring for people the way you care... and please keep on singing for us and keep on making us laugh! Your joy in performing and teasing is contagious!  You bring so much happiness into our lives just by being who you are and and doing what you do. This tribute is a labor of love, for you and for those who feel as I do. 
My wish is for my visitors to enjoy this tribute to Clay Aiken as much as I enjoy providing it!

With admiration and respect,  

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