Clay Aiken News

by Rosalie Barsky, M.Ed. 
(8/072003- updated 5/29/2010)


When I first saw Clay on American Idol, during the Atlanta auditions, I intuitively 
knew he would be a star. I heard a small voice in my mind say, "CLAY AIKEN,
he is going to be famous". As I continued to watch the show, week after week, I
became more and more engrossed in the transformation that was Clay. It
was after the "Solitaire" performance that I decided to find his date of birth 
and do what is known as a birth chart. An accurate chart would also have the
time of birth, but when that is unknown, astrologers can still explore many different a
spects of the chart.  I mention this in case anyone ever does come across Clay’s
time of birth as I would love to have it. 

I originally wrote this article in August of 2003. Clay was touring with American Idol and his career was just beginning. Since that time, we have seen the phenomenal movement of his life and we have watched him transform from a wide eyed contestant into a genuine pop star. But he is more than that and he always has been. I have heard people call him an enigma, a magical being, and some even seem to worship him almost as if he were a god. When I was asked to update this article for Measure of a Fan’s web site, I hesitated at first. I decided after writing the original article that I did not want to invade Clay’s privacy any more than it has already been invaded by his fame. After some thought, I reconsidered and decided that perhaps I could shed some light on the importance of this period in Clay’s life’s journey and how we, as a devoted fan base, could truly help him to continue to grow his career and give him some of what he needs to do that. With that in mind, I will share more of my knowledge of Astrology and how that relates to Clay’s birth chart.

I do want to emphasize that I in no way consider Astrology to be a belief system. I believe that there is a Source that is the all powerful force in our universe and Astrology, like many other tools we use, provides information rather than anything "set in stone". It is a language, much like psychology and can be interpreted in many ways on many levels. It also provides us with a "cosmic weather report" rather than with specific predictions about what will happen. Life is in a constant state of motion because life is energy and energy is not stagnant. The cycles of the planets in our solar system represent some of that motion.

When I first saw Clay on American Idol, during the Atlanta auditions, I intuitively knew he would be a star. I heard a small voice in my mind say, "CLAY AIKEN, he is going to be famous". As I continued to watch the show, week after week, I became more and more engrossed in the transformation that was Clay. It was after the "Solitaire" performance that I decided to find his date of birth and do what is known as a birth chart. An accurate chart would also have the time of birth, but when that is unknown, astrologers can still explore many different aspects of the chart. I mention this in case anyone ever does come across Clay’s time of birth as I would love to have it.

Clay was born on November 30, 1978 in Raleigh, North Carolina. That means that Clay’s Sun sign is Sagittarius. In addition to the Sun sign, Astrology also looks at the positions of the Moon and the planets in our solar system. Actually, Astrology is the study of the cycles of the planets in the solar system and how they form angular relationships to one another as they transit around the Sun. When Clay was born, there were 4 planets in the sign of Sagittarius along with the Sun. He has the Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune also in Sagittarius. He truly is a man of fire. This is called a stellium and of the ten factors I consider, 5 of them are in one sign. I would say that this is not the norm and as we all know, Clay is not the norm. The fire element bestows a strong and intense energy to be used in inspirational and creative ways. Sagittarius, the third fire sign, expresses this inspiration through expansion and openness to higher understanding, philosophy, and ultimately true wisdom. No matter what Clay does, he does it with great enthusiasm. He truly is a magnanimous and open human being with a gift to inspire others. The planet that is most closely associated with Sagittarius (known as its ruler) is Jupiter. Clay was born with Jupiter in the sign of Leo, another fire sign. So, we have this man with 6 out of 10 factors in the element of fire. If anyone wonders "what" it is about him, Astrology can point the way to understanding that "what". This man is on fire and it pours forth through every aspect of his nature as his voice touches hearts and souls, and his spirit truly dances in the flames of his open and wise heart.

Since I first wrote the above words, Clay has shown us all how gifted and generous he truly is. His foundation and his commitment to children are all testaments to his open heart. As we marvel at what Clay has accomplished in such a short time, it is obvious that he does not plan on slowing down any time soon. His abundant energy will continue to allow him to expand for expansion is a key word for Sagittarius and Jupiter. Clay seems to be able to do this with relative ease although what lies beneath that ease is a determination and a strength that has become apparent to most of us as Clay continues to develop his career. He is also a person who is able to integrate his experiences as integration is another characteristic of Sagittarius. . This is particularly true for Clay as Jupiter trines his Sun. It becomes an instinctual process for him as trines represent that which is natural, flowing and easily accomplished.

Although optimistic, Clay can also block himself from the abundant energy he possesses. I say this because he has the planet Saturn in the sign of Virgo, making a 90 degree angle or square to his planets in Sagittarius. This square would also account for his sincere humility as humility and patience are the lessons we glean from Saturn and anyone who works with autistic children knows how important patience is. In our solar system Saturn is the last planet that is visible with the naked eye. It represents the boundaries and limitations that we experience in our lives. Clearly Clay has limitations as we all do. Thus, beyond the humility that Clay so endearingly displays, I would think that he has some internal struggles which have limited the _expression of his fullest potential. We are only beginning to experience what Clay Aiken has to share with the world. After reading his disclosures about his biological father in Rolling Stone, I believe this is at the root of his inhibitions. I am sure we will learn more from his soon to be published book.

Saturn in Virgo would indicate a need to analyze and integrate information and experiences as well as provide a service to the world. The square would also give Clay a strong and persistent need to work extremely hard at whatever he does for the world. He will not ever get a free ride and he frankly, would not want one. Because of his intense stellium in fire, he has taken his life experiences, thus far and turned them into opportunities for growth.. Not everyone is capable of doing this so it is all another indication of how truly gifted and blessed this man is. The Saturn square is Clay’s most challenging aspect and from what he has shared, it appears as though he is using his innate energies in a most constructive and positive manner. I would add that this square will always present Clay with the need to be cautious, focused and committed to causes that impact the world at large. Clay is a man of substance and true compassion. He learns his lessons, integrates them and applies them to his life. He is very serious and intentional rather than flighty and frivolous although he knows how to laugh at himself and the world around him. Underlying the fun loving nature he exhibits, there is a strong and willful man who adapts as he grows. There is also an innate integrity that is quite rare. This distinct combination of Clay’s energy is what endears him to so many and is also what inflames those who don’t quite understand how anyone could be so young and yet so integrated. He would elicit extreme jealousy by merely being who he is. 

With Saturn squaring Clay’s Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury and Mars, he will always need time and space to work out his conflicts and challenges. Clay needs his privacy to stay balanced in a world that can be extremely chaotic and unpredictable. He now lives in that world of entertainment and illusion. This need will continue to help him maintain his integrity and his humility. Saturn can be a great mentor as well as the task master. This aspect of his nature will always force him to remain humble. If he strays from this, a self regulating force will help him return to his grounding. 

As far as Clay’s romantic interests go, Venus would be a major indicator. In a man’s chart, Venus generally describes the type of woman a man is attracted to. Clay was born with Venus in the sign of Scorpio. He would be most attracted to women who are sensitive, not superficial and who can go pretty deeply into issues of importance. Scorpio is a water sign and the energy is magnetic and very sensual. As far as sexuality goes, Clay would be interested in finding a true soul mate. With Venus in Scorpio, the need for union is very much at a soul level. He would tend to be pretty serious about relating and feels deeply connected to women. Of course, he also has that magnetism within himself. Since fire and water are not always an easy combination, he might find himself conflicted by his desire to be expansive and outgoing, and his need to be serious and deep. There will always be the need to find a balance with this and a serious relationship will help him to fulfill this need.

Now comes the big question. What is it about this period in his life that allows for such amazing self _expression and success? Astrology tells us a great deal about timing. It helps us to understand the current life situation by exploring the positions of the planets in our solar system and their cycles throughout time. Astrology is a dynamic tool which supports the psychological and spiritual growth occurring in our lives. So, rather than predicting events, Astrology validates experiences and helps us to process and move through life’s challenges. With that in mind, let’s look at what has been happening in relation to the cycles of the planets and Clay’s birth chart. 

The planet Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, has a cycle of approximately 12 years as it revolves around our Sun. Thus, at the age of 12, we experience our first Jupiter return. In other words, Jupiter is at the. same place that it was when we were born. The same is true around age 24. When Clay was born, Jupiter was at 9 degrees of Leo. In September of 2002, Jupiter returned to the same position and continued to move through Leo which set off a flowing energy for Clay for the next year. Clay began to experience a major cycle of expansion at this time. Jupiter is generally an energy associated with success and momentum toward future endeavors. It represents that which helps us take risks and walk new paths. Jupiter is an energy of benefits. It is important to remember that Clay was born with Jupiter trining his Sun and therefore the promise of his birth chart manifested during this particular Jupiter cycle as it returned to its natal position and set off the trine. What that suggests to me is that this was the time for Clay’s life to open up and he took advantage of this opportunity. As 2003 progressed, Jupiter moved into Virgo and began to square his natal planets in Sagittarius. This can often bring too much too fast and I would suggest that Clay had to make many adjustments in the past year and is still making them.

As I write this update in October of 2004, Jupiter has entered Libra. Libra is in a 60 degree angle, called a sextile, to Sagittarius. This sextile should help Clay to continue to open up his life and expand his accomplishments. Jupiter will remain in Libra until October of 2005. 

The planet Saturn is currently moving through the sign of Cancer. In July of 2005, Saturn will enter Leo, the fire sign where Clay’s natal Jupiter is positioned. In September of 2005 it will trine Clay’s Sun and in October of 2005 it will go over his Jupiter thus beginning a 2 year period of trines to all of his Sagittarian planets. This should help him to stay focused and grounded as the planet Uranus "kicks up the dust".

Uranus is currently in Pisces. In March of 2005, Uranus will square Clay’s Sun and begin a 5 year period of challenge and growth as Clay’s life continues to change. I believe he will be challenged to let go of the conditioning that no longer works for him. Uranus is the awakener and it has an 84 year cycle around the Sun. It is a time that opens one to new ideas and ways of seeing life from a totally different perspective. During the time when Uranus squares one’s planets, there is a strong desire to break free from old patterns of behavior which no longer work. It is also a time for more risk taking. As much as Clay’s life has changed in the past 2 years, I do believe he is coming into a period of accelerated growth and development which will skyrocket him into a new way of viewing his reality. It may also skyrocket him into a new level of fame.

The planet Pluto, with an approximately 250 year cycle as it revolves around the Sun, is moving through the sign of Sagittarius. Clay has those five planets, including his Sun in Sagittarius. Pluto is known for its transformative energy. It always represents death and rebirth and since it moves so slowly, it is often a once in a lifetime kind of experience. It does however, change our lives forever. Pluto conjunctions, which is what Clay has been experiencing for several years now, are the most transformative. People often have to struggle with power plays and intense experiences in order to eventually claim one’s own authentic power. Clay began to experience this energy in 1998 and has been dealing with it since then. At first it may have been very difficult, but as time passes we adjust and deepen with this energy and eventually we emerge renewed. When Jupiter entered the sign of Leo,in the fall of 2002, the energy became more and more empowering. We know, for example, that Clay’s step father passed away in July of 2002 and that certainly brought about a major transition in his and his family’s lives. And then the doors opened and along came American Idol.

Pluto has continued to move through Sagittarius going back and forth over Clay’s natal Mars. Mars represents one’s masculinity and assertive/aggressive energy. Pluto transiting Mars can manifest in many ways. It appears to have made Clay more magnetic and intense in his _expression of his masculinity. This transit is powerfully transforming on a personal level and since Pluto represents death and regeneration, there is no going back to what was. Clay’s life has been transformed and what follows will probably amaze us all, including him.

As this period unfolds, Clay will also have his 1st Saturn return. Saturn takes about 29 years to transit around the Sun and each of us experiences a Saturn return every 29 years or so. The first Saturn return is a time of recognizing the need to firmly establish one’s place in the world. It is often a time of soul searching. It will come during the above mentioned cycles for Clay. I do believe he will find himself in an entirely different reality having transitioned from the young man we met on American Idol to the great superstar he is becoming. I don’t know what the specifics will be but I do believe that Clay is in for an exciting and magnificent journey as he moves forward on his life path.

From all of this, I think we can state that Clay Aiken’s time has arrived and he will find himself becoming more and more empowered by his fame and position in the world. He will truly be able to fulfill his stated purpose which is to use his fame to make a difference in our world. Think of the difference he has made in our lives already. Clay is a true phenomenon who will reach out and touch our hearts, minds and souls for many years to come. As long as he stays true to himself, maintains his humility and uses his increasing influence lovingly, he will continue to bless us all with his amazing presence. It is not only his voice, though that is amazing in and of itself. Clay has the X-factor. I could say it is written in the stars, but I don’t believe in that statement. I believe it is all within Clay’s soul and I believe that Clay is a gift from the Source and his entrance on the world’s stage now is timed precisely because the world needs this bright and shining man of fire desperately.

As we declare our love and admiration for Clay and his phenomenal talent, let us all remember that he is human and he has many life lessons to learn. Like all of us, he has challenges and struggles ahead and the best that we can do is to honor him, respect him and give him his space if any of us are fortunate enough to encounter him in public. Clay is, as we all are, complex and his charm, charisma and talent will carry him forward for as long as he chooses to stay in the public eye. Hopefully we will make that easier for him by not invading his privacy for he needs that to sustain a career in entertainment and we all want that to continue.


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