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Reports from those who attended opening night for
Clay are unanimous  that he did an excellent job in the role
of Sir Robin, as well as the other smaller roles of a monk
and a couple of guards in different scenes. 

Here are some of the comments from people who
were in the audience at the opening night of Clay's run on Broadway, which will last until May 4th: 

"...his British accent was spot on"
"...his dancing was fluid and professional"
"...his character acting and expressions were hilarious"
"...he did not appear to be nervous at all"
"The other actors seemed to really appreciate him"
"In the curtain call, Clay was second to the last to come out. He's a superstar. Even his castmates are acknowledging that when they turned and pointed at him as the whole audience erupted in cheers. Standing ovation. <snip> His face was lit up as he absorbed the love from the audience and the respect from his peers. A nice salute at the end from Clay."
"He did the Russian dance......PERFECTLY! He was freaking spot ON!!! "
"...his comedic timing with this dialog is perfect! "
"He blended in perfectly as part of the ensemble cast"
"By the end of the show you almost forgot it was CLAY
up there.  He was an ACTOR!"