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This page was created in the year 2003

His smile warms hearts and breaks them. 
His eyes share love and hide pain. 
His heart cares for those others forget. 
His stunning voice melts the coldest heart. 
His name is Clay Aiken, and we have waited 
for him for a 
©2003 Jan Dillberg

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Clay Aiken is not Just a Singer-He's a Man of Honor

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A "sweet, southern mama's boy......"

"...who sings like a big, bad man."
-Allison Glock in Elle Magazine
Above photo from Appleton Concert


To Be a Star
You must shine 
your own light
and follow 
your own path.
And don't worry 
the darkness
for that is when
the stars
shine brightest!!

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"At one particular show, a five-year-old little girl sang the heck out of that song. ['When You say You Love Me'] Although we could not see his [Clay's] face very well while she was singing, at the verse break he turned to the audience with an expression of such exuberance, combined with a whoop and a huge “YEAH,” that the audience erupted right along with him. I told my mom later that it was the most excited I had ever seen Clay."

-Dina Abramson



He is [representative of ] every man at every time that has mattered to you, and he can sing!  He's [representative of ] your long lost love, the one you couldn't have or couldn't find, and he hasn't aged, and he hasn't married, but he has grown... He is more than you would have dreamed and hoped for, and he is not going to abandon or harm you.  He has been kicked by life, but he is hopeful, because his hope is on the One Who Saves...He "lost" a contest and  he's been called a "loser", but he can never be lost, and can never lose. To blind and sighted alike, to hearing or deaf, able-bodied or not, sick or well, he has something indefatiguable: a sense of love and self-giving that comes from humility and faith. We can all know that his light is never under a bushel...He is doing God's work on earth, the way we all can. We are sick of users and jerks, sick of seeing any famous men abuse power, tired of thugs and murderers and besotted imbeciles rolling over all of us.  We are tired of seeing grown and not-grown men playing to eachother's stupidity and being rewarded and applauded for it. What is better than a bad boy? Someone who is GOOD!  HE'S GOOD!!!!  Long Live and may God Bless CLAY!!! 


     Female fans adore him for his voice, his quick smile, his "shining spirit", and all the qualities mentioned above.

Men admire his values, enjoy his singing,  or at least respect his talent.  Less mature, less secure, and less knowledgeable people feel compelled to criticize him. 

Clay Aiken has a charmingly quick, cheerful smile, easy laughter, unflagging good humor and optimism.  He has an approachable personality that makes people feel that, if he just had the time, he would invite you over to 'hang out'.  He has demonstrated humility and 'grace under fire' time after time. He is not macho or "cool",  and he is openly affectionate and gives hugs freely,  to women, men and children, and loves, laughs and weeps openly and unabashedly with his friends.

With Ruben, when Kimberly Locke 
was voted out of the American Idol 2
 He is respectful of everyone, even if their opinions are those that disagree with his own.   His gentleness, caring, and dedication to people with disabilities and young children and his deep religious faith are qualities that are inspirational.   He is quick to make a joke or tease, and his aura of innocence and vulnerability is mixed with his articulate intelligence.   His lightening- quick wit- is  sometimes laced with sarcasm when the situation calls for it.  And if that sarcasm is used, one can be sure that the person upon whom it is used deserves it!

An example of Clay's use of sarcasm was displayed in an interview during the American Idol 2 TV season with Idolonfox.com's 'Jaded Journalist'.  The 'journalist', known for his style of asking questions designed to put the person being interviewed on edge, referred to the incident where American Idol judge Simon Cowell told Clay that he preferred to listen to him with his eyes closed. 

"Simon told you he  hates your face,"  the 'Journalist' said to Clay.  "How does that feel?"  Does it sting?" 
Clay's response was a smiling, "Oh, it feels great!"
The 'Journalist continued, "'Cause nobody's ever said that to me."
Still smiling, Clay responded, "Oh really?  Well, let me be the first. "
The Journalist ignored that remark and Clay continued, "He actually... actually what he said was that he prefers me when his eyes are closed.   He wasn't quite that harsh.  Which is funny... because I prefer you when your mouth is closed."

Clay's infectious, high pitched laughter can quickly be followed by a stern admonishment of someone who says something he sees as rude or inappropriate.  He is quick to reproach anyone who uses the term "retarded" as a derogatory remark, such as, "That is so retarded!" when referring to something someone says or does. This sort of thing is something that causes his admittedly quick temper to shoot to the surface as, among other things, he is strongly defensive of those with real developmental disabilities, and will not stand by quietly when that word is used in a way that is disrespectful.

This complex young man also has the presence of mind to handle questions in interviews that could catch anyone unprepared.   When a serious interviewer asked him what he wanted from being a celebrity. Clay replied, "American celebrities have an amazing amount of influence on the way America thinks, feels and acts. I think that such influences should be used in the most positive way possible."

And he really does mean that.

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